Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fresh Skin Saver Juice

Yes! I've been loving our new juicer from Breville
Before we were going to invest in a juicer we wanted to make sure we were getting one that got the most juice out of the fruit. Keith and Suzanne recommended this one HERE. It has worked wonders and is also a nice design so I don't mind keeping it out on the counter all the time. We've been using it almost everyday and sometimes twice a day on the weekends. The best part about juicing is that your breaking down the ingredient to it's finest state allowing your body to gain full benefits that go straight into your blood stream. That's why you feel more alive and so good after a fresh juice. And yes, you can buy a fresh juice at a juice bar but investing in a good juicer is worth it not only will you drink more juice more often but also save. We make 3 16oz glasses for the price of 1 at your standard juice bar.
So now, the Skin Saver Juice- I got this recipe from the book "Raw Food Real World" sweet Melissa from Reverie brought me this book when she was visiting Laguna Beach. I love it and have learned a ton such as this Skin Saver Juice is like having a facial from the inside out... who doesn't like the sound of that? After I read that, this was the first juice I made for my sister and I. Radishes and watercress are rich in sulfur which help build collagen, a nutrient that's necessary for elasticity. And grape seeds are full of essential fatty oils and antioxidants that protect your skin from radical damage. They should be serving this juice after a facial right?

Recipe for 2:

1/2 C Chopped Radish

6 C Green Grapes

1/2 Bunch Watercress

1-2 Lg Cucumbers

1 Ginger Knob (Thumb Size)

~Run all ingredients through juicer and enjoy~

I was lucky to find watercress at our local farmer's market but if you can't find it use 5 kale leafs instead. Grapes can be pricey so if they're not looking fun to buy substitute for more cucumber and less grapes.


  1. I actually bought one of those Magic Bullets today and making my protein shakes and some other goodies to get me started. I have been printing all your recipes and putting them in my Provence-fabric binder from France. So see I am listening.....and doing. Hope you spoil that gorgeous mother of your on Mothers day. My gift is on it's way too. XO

  2. How did it taste with the radishes. The grapes sound good though.

  3. Noel,
    Sean gave me a Breville Juicer for our 6th wedding anniversary ~ one of my favorite gifts ever! It makes us healthier every day! Don't you just love how great you feel after this "Skin Saver" juice?

  4. Thanks for this recipe, it looks great Noel. I need a new juicer too. I like the looks of that one. Did you order online or pick one up local?
    I have been putting a lot of watercress in our salads lately and did not know how good it was for you. Cool!! The bars look absolutely delicious and perfect for summer hike snacks. Thanks for sharing,

  5. Oh my, so delicious. I literally had to reach over to my glass of water to quench the thirst buster that just happened from reading your post! xo, Jacqueline

  6. You have inspired me to get my juicer out! What a wonderful blog you have, especially the vegan part. I will read it daily... cheers!

  7. Dear Noel,
    That sounds delicious. We love freshly made juices but,as you say, you have to have a good juicer, don't you. Otherwise, you don't get much juice and it costs a fortune in fruit and vegetables. Thanks for the recipe and I shall be making it but, at my age it might be a little late to save the saggy jowels !!!! haha. XXXX

  8. Dearest Noel,
    This is one of my favorite juices! Thank you for reminding me to make it again soon!
    Sean gave me a Breville Juicer for our 6th anniversary ~ best gift ever and it just keeps on giving us such incredible strength and good health!
    Happy Weekend to you...

  9. You have really inspired me, Noel. I am printing out all your recipes and this will be on my list this week.
    Hope you have had a lovely weekend!!
    xo ~Dana

  10. I'm so glad to hear you and Mike purchased a juicer... and you're putting it to such great use! Yay!

  11. Thank you for the tip on the juicer. I've been wanting one for quite some time. This is much more reasonable ( an attractive ) than the one I had been looking at ! Really inspired to try this recipe too ! Thank you sweet Noel ! xoxo

  12. I just bought a juicer about a month ago and I am also lsoving it. I prepare vegie juices for breakfsst and fruit juices for lunch time. all so good and you are correct,you immediately feel so much better. Sea Witch

  13. Not sure why my comment didn't show up. Just discovered you blog and love this juice. I recently purchased a juicer and I use it ever day. Vegies for breakfast and fruits at lunch. Sea Witch