Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Raw Nutty Chocolate Energy Bars

These are a new favorite around here. I just used what I had in the kitchen and wanted an easy grab snack to have around so made these. You can use different nuts if you like.
You'll love the Raw Chocolate Sauce on top of these, it's packed with rich antioxidants and healthy fatty acids that provide an immediate source of energy. It's creamy and so addicting.
If you want, make extra for dipping fresh strawberries. :-)
Raw Chocolate Before Refrigerated (below)
Raw Chocolate Sauce:
2 Tsp Raw Cocoa Powder
3 Tbs Raw Coconut Oil
1 1/2 Tbs Agave to sweetness
Mix in food processor, put in bowl set aside.
Raw Nutty Bars:
1/2C Dried Tart Bing Cherries
1/2C Raw Cashews
1/2C Raw Almonds
1/2C Raw Pistachios
1 C Raw Sunflower Seeds
10 Pitted Dates
4 Tbs Agave

Mix dates & agave in food processor, scraping sides as needed. Slowly add remaining ingredients. (I like to add cherries last and just stir them in) Put mix in large bowl. Using damp hands press firmly until you get a dough like clumpy texture. Put mix on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and firmly pack mix until it's 1/4" thick. Mix should be tightly packed together forming a large rectangle. Refrigerate 45 minutes. Remove from fridge, and cut your rectangle into desirable sized bars. Scoop raw chocolate over each cut bar and spread chocolate to cover the top of each. Refrigerate so chocolate sets and keep bars in refrigerator until gone.
Makes 16 Snack Bars


  1. Noel,
    These look and sound really wonderful.

  2. They look positively yummy Noel and I am printing out all your recipes. Our son is coming home for a study break and we are going to try all your recipes. XO

  3. Dear Noel,
    I love these because they can appease my choolate cravings. I haven't had chocolate for over a month now because I found that it is giving me indigestion. Since I sttopped it, I haven't had any indigestion at all. Do you think that these will be better for me ? XXXX

  4. Noel~
    I just made a similar almond butter cup vegan recipe last night with carob. Excellent, but yours look even better because they are RAW! I'm going to try these for sure.

  5. These look spectacular! I will make. Soon. Thanks for posting :-) !



  6. Noel, it looks so wonderful and souns like something I can easily try. I can not believe that RAW can look so fantastic! :-)

  7. Totally delish Noel...you had me at the photograph even before I read the ingredients, xv.

  8. A must to try! Healthy too...... Cheers, Susan :)

  9. Anonymous25/5/10

    Oh My goodness!!!! I can't wait to make these!!! SO yummy!
    So very happy I found you in blogland........Will come back again and again. I will let you know how they turn out!!

    Warm Wishes,
    Karen Eileen

  10. hi- found you from Jacqueline's 4 Tides; 6 degrees of separation, Suzanne & Keith live down the street (there can only be one!). This recipe looks amazing; I'm going to try it for the 4th. If you haven't tried the dried fruit (esp cherries) at the CdM farmers market, it is amazing; I'm there with my baskets every weekend. Stop by if you are at the market sometime.